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This quick video could change your life!


Vollara Air & Surface pro. 

The Single most important purchase for your well-being.

This machine is perfect for every day life and special occasion venues. 

Eradicate 99.99% SARs CoV2 (responsible for Covid)

3000 square feet of protection at your bridal showers, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and reception. Take the mobile unit on your honeymoon, in the car, on the plane, and in your hotel room.

Start your new life together worry free. Family safely together again for all

special events together. 

Vollara Air & Surface Pro, Vollara Mobile.


For less than a cup of coffee a day you can protect your family from SARs CoV2 and so much more

with three easy steps.

  • Purchase 

  • Plug in

  • Destroy!

It is that simple! Priceless knowing you are doing everything possible to not just protect from, but eradicate 

the virus causing so much turmoil in the world. 


*the unit comes with an adaptor for European travel as well as US , and car adaptor 

*will need a separate charging unit to carry on plane ( please be sure to tell them that it is medically necessary equipment, they won't disallow it.


disclaimer, cannot protect those already infected with the virus, but can help in the potential spread from those unknowing guests.


Additional Information 

ActivePure is the ONLY Technology that is 
Certified Space Technology and Recognized
in the Space Technology Hall of Fame

ActivePure Technology is the ONLY 
Technology to Quickly Reduce
Recontamination and Remove VOCs
without the use of OZONE Technology 


Want to learn more
Get in touch today!

Shelley Andrade 

Authorized Distributor


*4265 Jordan Rd,Skaneateles

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